lunedì 27 ottobre 2014


Next Step: Spain!
After the launch with IDW remix this summer, James Rod, spanish producer, joined the Disco Volante family with his
own ep.
Wolf Savage is a real aggressive track, with a perfect mixture of electronic and funky groove, heavy percussions and
heavy pads, giving a real "savage" atmosphere on dancefloor.
Moo Moonster Remix goes dub and dark, with percussion, with real obscure and horror atmospheres.
Disco Samba Du Thanga mix electronic music and balearic atmospheres with an heavy electro bass , under flutes,
percussion and dark fx that gives to the track a real dancefloor attitude
Irregular Disco Workers added to track latin percussions, marimbas, mallet, warm pads and they didn't forget obviously, samba.

Chris Massey:"Disco Samba Du Thanga is the bygone for me here! VERY cool and heavy….full marks :)"

Dany Dorado: "Great Release!! Disco Volante non Stop"

David Ducarge (Acid Washed):"Very very good. Thanks."

Disko Avenue:"cool! thanks"

Dynamicron:"Nice Ep. Love James Rod - Disco Samba Du Thanga (Original Mix). Thanks!"

Fran Deeper:"amazing disco samba du thanga original mix !!!!"

Gameboyz:"Incredible our friend James¡ Irregular disco fantastic version¡ Gameboyz"

Gennaro Lupo:“GOOOOOD"

Geogina Fernandez (Baby G):"Nice stuff"

German Mt (Comos Las Grecas):"Great remixes, amazing Moo Moonster Remix...."

Henri:"Love everything by IDW."

Kelton Prima:"Disco Samba make me gaga..."

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco):"Irregular disco workers remix is the one for me. Solid release."

Linos [Republic FM Thessaloniki]:"thanx"

Marco Kothe (Lazy Kiss):"Disco bomb! fully supported"

Mike Salta:"Will support..."

Opilec Music:"Special release! I-Robots approved!"

P Bell:"Big Up! Great tracks! Wolf Savage (Original Mix) for me! :)"

Pierre Thiery:"disco samba is a good one ! nice ep !"

Richard Rossa:"Really nice one! Will play out for sure. Full support!"

Rotarydisco76: “great ep, funky floorkillers and groovy stuff, originals and IDW for me!"

Sare Havlicek:"Disco is back on Disco Volante, great sounds! Good choice of remixers."

Severino Panzetta:"Good release The Irregular rmx is cool too"

Stathis V. Tsinis (DiscoSodoma):"All the release includes tracks with a fresh approach of disco in their productions. Great remix from Irregular Disco Workers"

Strictly Groove Recordings:"Good stuff. Grazie."

Time Warp Music:"great sound and style on the original Wolf Savage, and Disco Samba IDW remix, full support! Timewarp"

Vincent Toto Recordings:"support"

giovedì 31 luglio 2014


5 Years ago,  Disco Volante started his adventure through the world, finding new artists, and giving his own contribution to  contemporary Disco Scene.

The flight continues, but  now it's now to explain how all this has started, telling  the story ,since the beginning. This the first part of two anthology collection.

We talk about summer,  and so we decided to  searching in the label's archive finding  some of the tracks addicted to this mood.

A trip through disco, nudisco, boogie, deep, balearic, tell all the history of a 5 years adventure, that will continue, we hope, more years again.

Enjoy Summer Holidays

Gregorio Assandri
Andrea Frittella
[Irregular Disco Workers - Disco Volante Staff]

martedì 22 luglio 2014


Final Release before summer vacation.

Two unreleased remixes by IDW

Rotarydisco76- B-United
is reworked by the Workers, that builds a real Psychedelic Krautrock rub, plenty of pads, acid lines, detuned chords, that will drive dancefloor to  madness for sure.

Disco Samba Du Thanga remix,  announces a new artist ,James Rod, that will be out with a release this autumn. After Mundial defeated, let's do the disco samba, electronic disco  track with latin percussions, marimbas, mallet, warm pads and all the elements for summer dancefloors.We don't forget obviously  samba... check it!

Thanks for supporting us for all this  music season.

Disco Volante Staff


Acid Washed: Nice 2 Tracks!

B.G. Baarregaard: Lovely Stuff

Carl Oh (Tilos Radio): Disco Samba, Summer Jam!

Chris Massey: Nice vibes here...not sure where I could fit them in a set but some ace synth programming!

Davide Monteverdi: Good pack!

 Disko Avenue: nice mixes, thanks

Dj Gio Mc-505:  Disco Samba for me, a lot of elements take my attention,  bass for sure, realy cool the break with the latin inspiration, that makes all the song lovely.  Tireless IDW!

Dj Zeyhan : Great Stuff!

Eskimo Twins: This is ACE! Love B-United, definitively playing this out!

Fran Deeper: Coool!

Gennaro Lupo: Best for Disco Samba!

German Mt (Como Las Grecas): remix to B-United amazing... great great remix!

Henri: B-United: Great groove with really fun disco Krautrock vibes!

Ichisan: Great stuff! Will give them a blast in Colorado this weekend...

Jahrle Braten: Disco samba is the one for me

I- Robots: I Robots Approved!

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radioshow): RotaryDisco76 dub is brilliant!

Local Suicide: Nice summer mixes - will try to play the B-United rmx!

Mad On The Moon Rec: very good work on the RotaryDisco track, will play.

Pierre Thiery: what a huge james rod remix ! full support !

PiGaia: Rotarydisco76 really tuff track

Richard Rossa: Really nice one. Like them both!

Robert Kobryn:very summerish-disco,thanks

Salvatore Stallone: Rotary disco76 perfect !!

The Robot Scientists: This is hypnotic and funky shit.

Timewarp Music:great stuff as always!

Tony D'Onghia: straight into my radio playlists!

Tulioxi: both tracks are very good.

Ummagma: The RotaryDisco76 remix takes me back to some great 90s discoveries - Underworld & The Grid - but adds an even more dynamic element. Good intro to James Rod. Looking forward to the forthcoming release.

Vincent Toto Rec: Support!

lunedì 21 luglio 2014


Next Step: Spain!

Aliaksey Varyabeu.well knows as Moon Mood, is a young talented  Bielorussyan producer based in Barcelona, that decided to join the Disco Volante Team with his new ep.

Moon mood style is  perfect for beach  dancefloors, and Waves & Flows ep is the perfect goal reached by him,with all the for summer season sound.

First track Stargazing  is a real hypnotic nudisco , with warm pads, lots of arpeggios  on a rolling bass  and lot of spacey synths  and chords, that bring us directly to spanish Atlantic Ocean  Coast,with quiet waves and  limitless landscapes.

Irregular Disco Workers  keep the orignal mood, adding a fat bassline and detuned melodic synths creating a perfect mix beetween dancefloor groove and nostalgic  and dreamy summer atmosphere.

Waves & Flows is  a perfect melt beetween electronic disco and funky, but Aliaksey doesn't forget to adding warm pads and chords coming from different parts of the song, and a little acid touch with the unmistakable  303 bassline.  

Irregular Disco Workers again on the remix, adds a a  dynamic electro bass, increasing acid elements,and adding lots of chords, creating a real beach dancefloor summer dub.


Acid Washed:  Nice!

Carl Oh (Tilos Radio) :"stargazing is a nice 4am jam!"

Davide Monteverdi: Boom!

Disko Avenue: "sounds cool, thanks!"

Dj Gio Mc-505: Perfect release for hot summer nights. I feel Ibiza  atmospheres here, with his chiaroscuro contrasts, especially in the original versions.  Like also IDW remixes, bright in Stargazing, and really obscure with acid lines in " Waves & Flows".

The Emperor  Machine:  Original For me!

Future Feelings:both two reworks from IDW are amazing, great pack.

Gennaro Lupo: Good!

German Mt (Como Las Grecas): Summer Vibes! Great IDW Remixes!

Jahrle Brathen: Nice work! I liked Stargazing IDW remix best

John Clements: Lovely new release from Moon Mood! Really liking the original versions on here, Waves & Flows being the top one for me. Quality!

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco): Both Irregular disco workers versions are lovely

 Linos (Republic FM Thessaloniki):  Great Sound!

Pierre Thiery: Good!!!

Plastique De Reve: IDW's summer dub is dope!

Q Burns - Abstract Message: I'm into "Stargazing (Irregular Disco Workers Remix)" … the rhythm track is really excellent.

Riccardo Piva:really fresh disco release!!, with amazing rmx by IDW

Rotarydisco76: IDW strikes again!

Sare Havlicek:Very soothing! Perfect music for warm summer nights chilling somewhere calm and peaceful

 Strictly Groove Rec: Great Package!

Tony D'Onghia: Gorgeous Stuff!

Vincent Toto Rec: Support!

lunedì 7 luglio 2014


Plastique De Rêve jumps aboard the Disco Volante for the second time. After "Love Sometimes", now it's time for "The Night Life".

 The sky turns to dark, the clubs open their doors, and the atmosphere becomes deep and dark too. Plastique's original mix creates a deep “Night Life” mood, with a powerful disco bass, FGTH-style synth chords, dynamic percussions, sweeping strings and sweet R&B vocal bits.

 Bangkok Impact is the first to revisit the original, reinforcing its HI-NRG and Italo elements, with a driving octave bassline that accompanies exciting synth chords and warms pads, creating the perfect tune for this years' beach parties.

Then Irregular Disco Workers go back to their roots, and re-invent “The Night Life” in warehouse mode, remembering the late 80s, into a great build-up with obsessive chords, delayed vocal cuts, and the unmistakable 303 line.

Dynamicron finally, goes more slow and obscure, creating a powerful dub with darkwave synths and arpeggios, a dark atmosphere, perfect to take the first steps towards this summers' dancefloor.


Acid Washed: Original is a killer!

Alexander Robotnick :  Bangkok Impact Remix is a good job!

Bottin:  Bangkok Impact all the way: Go Sami!

Carl Oh Tilos Radio: Dynamicron Remix is really cool

Chris Jylkke:  Bangkok Impact Top!

Dj Rocca: Really Nice!

Deejay Dave: Nice pack!

Dj Gio  Mc-505:   I like the new sound dimension of Plastique De Reve  a lot : After Electro/Disco sound with break sound of the first Gigolo releases, and Acid House Style of first release on  Turbo Recordings, Nu Disco direction is clear!  Funk house and Disco melting in the original is the perfect synthesis  of past experiences. Remixes  go to many different ways:  Bangkok Impact roll bass, 90's Warehouse style Of IDW, and Italo way of Dynamicron.

The Emperor Machine: Dynamicron mix is cool!

Future Feelings: cool remix by IDW!

Gennaro Lupo: IDW is best!

German Mt (Como las Grecas): great rework by IDW!

Hard Ton: Great EP, guys! Luving all versions.

Jahrle Brathen: I really love the original!

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radioshow): Bangkok impact remix for me but love others too.

Linos (Republic Fm Thessaloniki):Bangkok Impact for me!

P Bell: Big Up! great tunes!

Phierre Thiery: bangkok impact is huge ! great one thanks full support !

Riccardo Piva: Fresh Groove!

Rotarydisco76: great package, goody vibes but IDW remix is the best for me!

Sare Havlicek: Dynamicron Remix with it's hard edged twist to the song is my favourite. Bouncey acid-house-esque version by IDW is very cool too.

Strictly Groove Rec: Very nice EP. Original is my Pick but Dynamicron rocks too and of course Bangkok Impact is always on fire.

Timewarp Music: nice as always, quality music. keep it up!!!

Tony D'Onghia: my choice goes to the bangkok impact remix!

Vincent Toto Rec: Support Bangkok Impact!

lunedì 19 maggio 2014


Next Step Poland!

This Time we fly to North Europe, and meet Robert Kobryn, producer from  Warsaw,well known as "the feel music crusader". In the late 90's  his electronic inceptions  bring him to Chicago, where he lived and study at became a part of Chicago Power Pack Dj's.

Cosmic Walk represent is own creation and the result of this influences,  a trip into  galactic landscape, with  a slow  disco mood,    spacey synth and fx and sci-fi atmospheres.

John Clements  rework it in spacey and dream mode,with cowbells, warm pads, perfect for upcoming summer season.

Irregular Disco Workers give a slow obscure mood, with acid bass, Glide effect on synths, hypnotic arps and dark atmospheres

Artwork By: Wallace Multimedia
Mastered at: NoStudio, Milan,Italy


Acid Washed:Nice One!

Bottin: Irregular Disco Workers Remix is nice!
Carl Oh  Tilos Radio:4am vibez

Chris Massey:Nice vibes here...Irregular Disco Workers turn in the best mix for me 

 Davide Monteverdi:Super pack

 Disko Avenue: nice ep.. thanks!

Disko Selectors: Another great release!

Dj Zeyhan:  really good release. I like all versions. Great work

Gemini Bros: Great release! Love the IDW Remix with their acid influences! For sure in our gigs CDs map!

 Gennaro Lupo: super

Kelton Prima:Cosmic Walk Irregular Disco Workers remix for sure !

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radioshow): Nice release. Original for me, Lovely track.

Linos (Republic FM Thessaloniki): cool!thanx!

Pierre Thiery:great groovy one !

Riccardo Piva:Fantastic acid rmx

RotaryDisco76: goody works!

 Sare Havlicek:Loving the Detroit-ish vibe of the IDW remix and laidback mood of the original and JC remix. The artowork is cool as well.

Time Warp Music: nice tunes! the Original mix stand out great and the remixes sounds pretty nice too ;-)

Tulioxi: IDW Remix is very nice

Toto Recordings: Good stuff! Support!

lunedì 28 aprile 2014


Next Step: Italy!

Ettore Sorrentino and Giovanni Verga, aka Rotarydisco76 are back again, and sign  the 43rd chapter of Disco Volante Saga.

"B-United", is a stomping progressive disco track, building  beetween Psychedelic  Folk and Cosmic that is the real Rotarydisco76 brand,  with Krautrock and Post Punk influences.

"Someone With Sweet Attitude" explore the dark side of RD76, getting in touch with black and funk but also early times of house music. The track is a mid-tempo funk with live attitudes, with Uk Mid-90's jazzy house influences.

Waxlife  turned  B-United in a deep and dark rub, taking the original  track guitar  and adding a powerful groove, with real horror film atmospheres

Irregular Disco Workers  takes the original "Sweet attitude" and turn it in a  Acid-disco "dub attitude", adding percussions, spacey effects, a jumping synthbass on the original rolling one, and completing all with dark stabs, deep chords and  piano rolls, with a piece of 303 bassline after the final break.

Release Date
Junodownload Exclusive : April 28th
Elsewhere: May 19th

Artwork By: Wallace Multimedia
Mastered at: NoStudio, Milan,Italy


Acid Washed: Nice

Andrea Pomini (Dj Mag Italia): considering for review, thanks!

Baker Street Recordings: Great remix from IDW. Full support!

Brian C. Repetto:I'll go with "B-United (Original Mix)"...functional but weird enough.

B.G. Baarregaard:Nice! Someone With Sweet Attitude (Irregular Disco Workers Dub Attitude) is my pick!

Carl Oh (Tilos Radio): B-Untitled, is a true A side tune

Cazbee: Nice!!!

Dj Rocca: waxlife remix for me...awesome

Disko Avenue: sounds cool, will try out, thanks!

Disko Selectors:Nice ep

German Mt  (Como Las Grecas): Great originals, amazing IDW remix  killer....

Gemini Bros: Great release! Irregular guys made a great remix! On our burned CDs from this very moment!

Gennaro Lupo:new best

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radioshow): Both versions of "Someone with sweet attitude" for me.

Linos (Republic Fm Thessaloniki):cool sound!

Mark ( the original mix here. Strong EP all round with a two tasty remixes to back it up. Nice early doors tackle.

Local Suicide: nice stuff! Will test the irregular disco workers dub

Pierre Thiery: Great Ep , specialy B-united Original Mix and Irregular Disco Workers remix ! full support

Strictly Groove Recordings: Irregular Disco Workers Remix!

Sare Havlicek: Someone With Sweet Attitude is really good, reminds me of a scene in a crime film where someone is waiting in an ambush and it's raining :)
The Italo Job: Good stuff! I like spatial and psychedelic atmosphere of B-United original mix

Time Warp Music: interesting house sounds, i like the style on IDW remix much!

Tulioxi: Very Nice!

Vincent (Toto Recordings): Irregular Disco Workers mix for me. Support!