lunedì 27 gennaio 2014


Next Step: Italy!
Coming back to Italy to present a new upcoming producer, Eber Bosa, aka PiGaia, from North-East Italy.
Guitarist,piano player, Eber is really inspired by 80's new wave scene, and electronic music of the 90's.
He started to produce in 2012, in his studio in Veneto's country.
Electronic Music, according to Eber, is the best way to get in touch with nature, so, surrounded by farms,trees,moutains and animals(especially pigs),ironically, PiGaia project was born.
In this release we had two tracks:
Wonderland is inspired to Mungolian traditional music, building a spacey slow asiatic disco track, mixed with traditional
mongolian instruments, creating an epic atmosphere, and enjoyng the big areas of Mongolia Desert.
Irregular Disco Workers turn the orignal into a more dark and electronic disco sound, putting a rolling bass, and dirty
spacey atmospheares inside,ready for dancefloor.
Natural Wurli is more ambient and hypnotic at the beginning, surrounded by electronic rhythm, and deep rhodes. Then
the bass becomes more funky, and hard electronic synth help the groove to grow.
Richard Rossa Remix add electronic bass , heavy hats, and heavy synths for a real nudisco stomper.
Mastered at: NoStudio, Milano
Cover art by: Wallace Multimedia

Acos Coolkas:"Hey thanks for the promo, we like PiGaia - Wonderland (Instrumental)"

Alessandro Cichella:"Like Richard Rossa Remix and Wonderland Original "

Baker Street Recordings
"Richard Rossa mix is very useable. Great package."

Blackbelt Andersen:"I love the Irregular Disco Workers mix and Natural Wurli!"

Carl Oh Tilos Radio:"love this electro feeling drums"

Caste (The Italo Job):"real good vibrations!"

Acid Washed:"Great stuff !!! Thanks."

Disko Selectors:"Great Ep, love all tracks. Thanks!"

Dj Rocca:"Natural Wurli original for me"

Dj Zeyhan:"Irregular Disco Workers remix is great. I will play it for sure"

Dynamicron: "Nice release! Wonderland (Original Mix) is superb!"

Emperor Machine
: "Oh yes i love all this x Natural Wurli Original & Rossa's mix for me Thanks its nice to get some qualy music for a change :-)"

Feel The House (Radioshow):"Sounds great! Thanks!"

Gennaro Lupo:"goooood"

German Mt (Comos Las Grecas):"Great release!!! cool ep, all tracks sound really great!!!"

Jarle Brathen:"Wonderland (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) was very nice but I love the Natural Wurli (Richard Rossa Remix) !"

Kelton Prima:"Fresh 2 tracks ep. Mainly like a lot Natural Wurli Original and the Richard Rossa Remix."

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco):"Richard Rossa remix for me but love other tracks too."

Local Suicide: "Another amazing Remix by Mister Rossa!"

Manuel Battista:"good stuff"

Mozzarella Recordings:"nice! very nice release overall but Richard rosa rmx is the party starter for me Frank Agrario"

Paulie:"Love this,esp Orig, Dub and you mix Full support from me "

Plastique De Reve:"flying disc !!"

Rotarydisco76:"great stuff!"

Sare Havlicek:"I like both the original and Irregular Disco Workers remix of Wonderland... very cool mixture of chill, tribal, ethnic, disco and house-y elements."

lunedì 12 agosto 2013


Next Step: Norway

John Clements, british dj producer now based in Oslo, after his releases on Santa Esperanza, Ken Records and Plastic Fantastic,  jump on the Disco Volante.

Love Beat and Sunset Theme, are two summer tracks, built using spacey effects, and a rolling bassline, and warm pads,creating  the perfect atmosphere for the seaside resorts of the future.

Italian producer Fab Mayday turned Sunset Theme into a dubby and spacey track, adding the obsessive bassline in loop and using  spacey fx and  groovy percussions perfect for dancefloor  start time.

Dynamicron reworked the original adding  more groove,obsessive punching synths, and dynamics percussions

Finally Irregular Disco Workers remix, back with their walk in the hyperspace,  building  a melting of synths, rolling bassline, deep rhodes, and  spacey  pads.

Mastered at: NoStudio, Milano
Cover art by: Wallace Multimedia

Release Date:

August 12th: Junodownload Exclusive
September 9th : All Digital Shops


Carl Oh Tilos Radio :gonna play original tunes, they are both my taste!

GrandeBuffo Rec. : IDW remix, nice one

Acid Washed:Amazing slow tracks! Sunset Theme is the winner for us!!!

Davide Monteverdi:Nice Pack!

Disko Selectors:  Great package! All the tracks are great

Dj Gio Mc-505:  a really "balearic" release, for the hottest month in the year. Really interesting the remix package,  but this time I choose original  "Sunset Theme" beetween cowbells Cowley Style, will  make happy all retro sound lovers.

Feel The House (Radioshow): Sunset Theme is pretty cool!

Gennaro Lupo: IDW remix super best!

German Mt (Como Las Grecas): Sunset Theme are amazing track, great track for the summer, killer pack of remxies, IDW my fav.....

 Craxi Disco:remixes are all good-dynamicron stands out!

Ichisan: IDW mix is the one.

JCDMC:great release to play when the sun is rising :)

Kelton Prima:Very nice release. Love Beat is on the top ;-)

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radioshow): Irregular disco workers remix for me. Thanks.

Mozzarella Recordings: COSMICO! I'M SPACING OUT!

 Sare Havlicek:Nice one guys! Irregular Disco Workers and Dynamicron versions are my picks!

Strictly Groove Rec:Love Beat is my pick. Ohhhhhh that bass!!!

Timewarp Rec: Irregular workers remix sound good and floating. Love Beat Original sounds nice too!

 Timothy Smith:Spacey and dirty

Tony D'Onghia:i go for the 2 originals. luscious and sexy. straight into my radio playlists!

Toto Recordings:Irregular Disco Workers rmx for me. Thanx


lunedì 29 luglio 2013


Next Step: Switzerland.

Disco Volante   join  Cristopher "Daze" Dasen, well known as Plastique De Reve [DFA,International Deejay Gigolò,Turbo Rec.], that presents  a new amazing release in collaboration with Ghostape.

Summer is the season of fun,relax, hedonism,tranquillity,  and the seaside is the place e ,where" Everybody love "and "need love, (Sometimes)..."

"Love, Sometimes" is exactly what we need for this  amazing summer:electronic bass, built on a  powerful drum and dynamics hi hats, generate a fantastic groove, and a fusion beetween  electronic, and classic instrument sounds;  The result is a pleasure trip  beetween electro,acid  house and disco, where the  amazing vocal of Ghostape find his natural musical place.

2 versions: Original mix  to  turn summer mood on, and extended club mix to attack the dancefloor.

A real team of remixers  for  this track:

Irregular Disco Workers draw their "music rifle" on  the dancefloor,  transforming "Love,Sometimes" in a real electro-disco-funky track, with electronic heavy bass, warm pads,  and vocalcuts- playing obsession.

Mexican Duo Salon Acapulco  build an electro disco remix, really dark oriented with  obscure electronic mood and hypnotic  space synths inside.

New emerging italian talent Zaraudi, working  on a cosmic track with balearic  and spacey influences, playing guitar and bring the people directly toJuly-August " beach-dancefloors".

Bangkok Impact turn the original directly into an eclectic and elegant  disco-house summer track, using dreamy rhodes,a really deep funky bass,deep balearic groove,  and trippy analog synths.

Artwork By: Wallace Multimedia

Original and Extended Club Mix mastered at:Jammin Master, Berlin,Germany

Remixes mastered at: NoStudio, Milan,Italy

Release Date:
July 29th 2013 ---->Junodownload Exclusive
August 13th 2013 --->Other Digital Shops


Acos Coolkas:"Bangkok Impact Remix Great, tnanks guys!ù

Ajello: Great song a great remixes...Bangkok Impact remix is amazing! Great rhodes chords and superb bassline!!

Alexander Robotnick: Well Done!

Auxiliary The Masterfader:Love the Irregular Disco Workers and Salon Acapulco remixes!

Carl Oh Tilos Radio: cosmic disco from the deep!


Davide Monteverdi: Nice One!

Disko Selectors: Original & Salon Acapulco remix are for us!

 Dj Gio Mc-505:  Really impressed by Mr Dasen return, I followed him since he was a Gigolo producer. Really amazing track, very different from electro of early years, and  also different from the House produced in Turbo and 7b.Really like the original,  where the artist bring all into question, restarting from the beginning. Like also IDW remix with a round ball bassline, and also the elegance of Bangkok Impact, remember me Uk late 90's House.

Dj Mini Montreal: Oh this is so good :) will play for sure.

Dynamicron: Nice release! Bangkok Impact's mix is totally up my alley.

Feel The House (Radioshow):Huge Stuff!

Gennaro Lupo: Very Good

German MT (Como Las Grecas): Summer vibes with original, amazing pack of remxies, Killers Salon Acapulco remix....

Hard Ton: Really nice release, perfect for the summer. Original and Bagkok Impact are my fav


Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco Radioshow): Great release. Especially love Salon Acapulco remix

Manuel Battista: Zaraudi Guitar Mix!

Marcello Giordani: Bangkok Impact Remix: NUCLEARE!

Marco Kothe (Lazy Kiss):Great space disco stuff, massive release!

Mattia Cinus Cerri: IDW Remix!Come on guysssss!

Michael Manteca: TOP TRACK CHRIS ... PEACE

Mike Salta: Great stuff and lovely vocals. IDW bringing it home here...

Mozzarella Recordings: solid release, really like the Salon Acapulco and the deeper bangkok impact!

Riccardo Piva: Very fresh funk remixes!

Richard Rossa: Really nice release. Im an old PDR fan so really dig this. support!

RotaryDisco76: amazing track...we luv it!

Sare Havlicek:Yup, as you said, it's the kind of music we need for summer! The bass driven Irregular Disco Workers, Original and soulful Bangkok Impact versions are my picks.

Severino Panzetta: Great track Bangkok rmx is interesting

Skatebaard: Lovely

Timewarp Inc: Nice package. Original and IDW are the ones for me.

 Timothy Smith: different sexy shades of summer infused disco.

Tony D'Onghia: Radio support!


lunedì 24 giugno 2013


The journey into  "Megalopolis" continues.Now it's time for IDW and Semi-Functional to get remixed.

Remixes by Beatfanatic, Dj Zeyhan, Minds Diverted & Mr Ob, anything else?

For the ones who miss Megalopolis Original,  we add it to release tracklist.


Baker Street Recordings:"Beatfanatic Remix all the way for me. Lovely stuff!"

Carl Oh Tilos Radio:"original and beatfanatic mixes rule!"

Disko Selectors: "Nice package. Great remixes by Zeyhan & Beatfanatic"

Dj Gio Mc-505: "Good Beatfanatic Remix, but original is best"

Dynamicron:"Nice release! Thanks for sending!"

Feel The House (Radioshow):"It's HOT!"

Future Feelings:"i loved the original mix, put me in a wanna-go-out-and-dance mood"

Gennaro Lupo:"very best"

German Mt (Comos Las Grecas):"Excelent pack.... amazing Beatfanatic, great Zeyhan and Minds Diverted & Mr Ob...... Original track, killer track"

Jarle Brathen:"Very good release :-)"

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco):"Original is my favorite one. Nice one."

Luca Roccatagliati (Ajello):"Good Soccio influenced stuff"

Manuel Battista:"Megalopolis Original Mix"

Rotarydisco76:"Beatfanatic Rmx (and Original, obviously) for Us!"

Time Warp Music:"loving the beatfanatic rmx! love the vocals, good style ;-)"

Vincent Toto Recordings:"Hot! Meet in my july chart!"

lunedì 15 aprile 2013


The Disco Volante flyes again across Italy, and drop from the sky another release by Irregular Disco Workers, that continue their joint-venture with the Scottish producer Peter Burton aka Semi-Functional.
After Megalopolis, more space inspired, is the turn of 1996,celebrating a really important period for European dance movement, remembering Greg and Andrea Teenage Life.
1996 is more funky addicted, with a contemporary hi nrg disco taste,and dreamy atmospheres: a perfect structure where the track takes energy adding arpeggios and funky bassline.
A remix is given to American producer Brian C. Repetto aka Darkwerkz (Remember The Dark Esquire from Thisisnotanexit?),Really deep and close to Disco Funk.
Italian Project RotaryDisco76 give to 1996 a really deep and dub-house fingerprint, releasing a really obsessive and "Spastik" slow-dark-house dancefloor stomper.
Phil Moon and Emanuel Sin work on the mystic side of 1996, creating a really visionary,spacey and eclectic "Panorama".
Juno Exclusive: April 15th 2013
Release Date: April 29th 2013
Artwork By :Wallace Multimedia
Mastering By: StiloHertz

Andrea Pomini(Dj Mag Italia):"checking for review, thanks!"

Baker Street Recordings:"The RotaryDisco76 Spastik Dub and Phil Moon mixes are great! Full support from me!"
Best Mix : RotaryDisco76 Spastik Dub
Support : Yes

Carl Oh Tilos Radio:"nice"

Cazbee:"Rotary Disco mix for me... Nice 1..."

Disko Selectors:"Nice! A Darkwerk remix is for us!"

Dj Gio Mc-505: Remix package give a lot of variations to the original theme, but original is the best,more fa, and  a real clever adding close to disco and funk, that push and stomp the feet on the dancefloor.

Dynamicron:"Nice release! Phil Moon & Emanuel Sin Panorama mix is great! Thanks for sending"

Gennaro Lupo:"nuovo centro"

German Mt (Comos Las Grecas):"IDW & SF are a bomb. Original track are a killer bomb. Love the remix by Phil Moon and Emanuel Sin"
Jolly Mare:"This release is one of a kind. Disco Volante means quality as always"

Le Galassie Di Seyfert:"great release"

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco):"RotaryDisco76 spastik dub is amazing. Right up my alley."

Mike Salta:"RotaryDisco bringing it home. Nice."

Mozzarella Recordings: fast! oh my god, please don't play to over 60 dancers."

Opilec Music:"I-Robots approved!"

Paulie:"Wicked package-full support P A U L I E"

Pizzico Records:"like the rotarydisco76 version! Quite the moon&sin mix as well"

Richard Rossa:"Really love the original Mix! Funky nad italo! WIll definatly use this in my set now! Support! "

Sare Havlicek:"Very nice, especially the original version!"

Strictly Groove Recordings:"Rotarydisco76 mix is the ace. The classic house powered by some great jazzy touches and the tempo is lovely too. Also some nice textures here and
there on other tracks"
Time Warp Music:"great package, hard to choose one! original sounds fat ;-)"

Timothy Smith: "Rotary kickin arse once again."

Vincent Toto Recordings:"Nice. Will support"

martedì 2 aprile 2013


Disco Volante flyes to North, in the cold and cool Iceland, finding new rising disco talents.
It's the turn of B.G. Barregaard, that join the big Disco Volante family, with his ep "Got You,Bulls And Blazers".
Got you , more disco funk addicted, with spacey pads, robotic vocoder, and deep organs, bringing them into a trip beetween an obsessive funky rubs, acid influences, and obsessive and clever vocal samples repeated.
Bulls and Blazers is an obsessive disco dub attack, melting electronic elements, warm pads, electro bass, and spacey atmosphere, with classical instruments as dreamy trumpets, and 90's piano chord.
Italian producer Craxi Disco, bring "Bulls and Blazers" into an Eurodisco dimension, more aggressive for the dancefloor, with obscure synths and hypnotic atmospheres, bring 90's Eurosound back,and open the gates to summer season.

Artwork By :Wallace Multimedia
Mastering By: StiloHertz

 Baker Street Recordings: "Bulls & Blazers is a great track, love it!"

Brian C. Repetto:""Bulls...(Orig. Mix)" is the one. LOVE that feel."

Carl Oh Tilos Radio:"got u is really nice"

Paulie:"Love Bulls & Blaszers orig will support

Disko Selectors:"Very nice original tracks"

Dj Gio Mc-505:" Best is Bulls and Blazers! The good compromise beetween contemporary nu disco and old Spaghetti House!

Dynamicron:"Love all the tracks! They're amazing. Many thanks for sending"

Eclectic Sound:"Super ep!"

Gennaro Lupo:"GOOD MUSIC"

German Mt (Comos Las Grecas):"Great Bulls & Blazers... let's dance.... love vocoder voices Amazing work by Craxi Disco"

Le Galassie Di Seyfert:"good release."

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco): "Love "Got you (original mix)". Craxi Disco's version of "Bulls & Blazers" is massive. Adore it."

Mike Salta:"Got you... working nicely. Like the funky vibe."

Mitch Davis:"Both originals are great and loving the Craxi Version."

Pharao Black Magic:""Got You" is cool! thanks."

Pizzico Records:"so funny and sunny /despite the weather.. great release!"

Rotarydisco76:"yes! summer vibes!"

Severino Panzetta:"Pretty cool tracks Craxi remix reminds me of Propaganda"

Skatebaard:"I will surely play Bulls and Blazers (original mix! I think it may fit in both plus and minus a few percents pitch up/down)

Time Warp Music:"Got You sounds amazing!"

lunedì 25 febbraio 2013


Irregular Disco Workers Finally come back home with their second own release, this thime on their own label.

This is the time of  "Megalopolis" where  Gregorio Assandri and Andrea Frittella  goes Moroder Style, helped from the Scottish producer Peter Burton aka Semi-Functional, create a really  Hi Nrg analog disco menace.

Megalopolis is Electro Disco inspired, with a rolling bassline in Hi NRG style, melodic pads and short vocoder sample.

Italian Project, The Love Supreme, rebuild the original in a really slow dark- space house  style, with a touch of acid, creating an amaziing march into an obscure hyperspace.

Artwork By :Emiliano


Alexander Robotnick: Good New Electrodisco!

Ajello: Cool

Blackbelt Andersen: "The Love Supreme mix is awesome"

Bottin: Love The Love Supreme!

Carl Oh Tilos Radio:"cool stuff again mates! gonna rock 6 am!"

Chris Jylkke:"Thanks!"

Cyclist: Cool Tunage!


Craxi Disco: Top Stuff!

David Gardner (Cosmonauts):"Really like the Love Supreme mix"

Disko Selectors:"Full support! Both tracks are killers!"

Dj Gio Mc-505:"I already know this track, I've discovered it in old MDD Mix set out in 2011. I absolutely love it, it's Electro Disco with rolling bassline, melody, funky
elements and pumpin' rhythm. My favourite is Original Mix, a track to be playing loud :)"

Dynamicron:"Really nice release! Love The Love Supreme Hard Disko Remix, excellent reinterpretation! Will play out for sure"

Easy M:"awesome!"

Gennaro Lupo:"must"

German Mt (Comos Las Grecas):"Yeah... killer track, amazing analog disco!!!! I love it. Love Supreme are a masters, what amazing remix... Excellent release!!!!!"

Global Dancefloor:"Fantastic!"

King Dj: Love Supreme remix for me!

John Clements:"Oh yes! They've done it again! A superb release featuring two vintage Giorgio Moroder sounding electro cuts. I love both mixes but would probably
support the original version the most, allthough The Love Supreme have done a fantastic remix, I particularly love the acid bassline on there. Full

Lazy Kiss: Great italo stuff!

Le Galassie Di Seyfert:"great release support by Exile on my radio show!"

Leri Ahel (Mutant Disco):"The original is nice but The love supreme is the one for me. Great ep."
Best Mix : Irregular Disco Workers Vs Semi-Functional

Mad On The Moon: Really like both tracks, and the artwork too. Great.

Mike Salta:"Thumbs up for the Love Supreme... nice work."

Mozzarella Recordings:"how does it feel? GOOD! really cool driving disco vibe! go guys"

Opilec Music:"I-Robots approved!"

Q-Burns Abstract Message:"Original is solid but a bit too retro for me. The Love Supreme Hard Disko Remix is the one ... like the slinky groove and the twists and turns. Will give
this one a try -- thanks!"

Rotarydisco76:"original is cool n'cheesy for me....remix is better"

Ser J V:"Original for me!"

Severino Panzetta:"Pretty cool and trippy"

Social Disco Club:"Thanks!"

Strictly Groove Recordings:"Both tracks are aces and very well produced. I prefer the remix, closer to my style. Thanks"

Timothy Smith:"awesome journey techno italo"

Time Warp Music:The love supreme remix sounds good!

Tony D'Onghia (DLSO): faultless. radio airplay guaranteed

Tricky Man:"I prefer the original mix."

Tulioxi:Solid release guys, The love supreme hard disko remix is definetely my cup of tea...

Vincent Toto Recordings
:"Meet in my next chart!"